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maria therese

the science of stupidity

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4 January
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ac/dc, accents, alias, alternative, american eagle, amélie, anastasia, anime, aqua teen hunger force, austin powers, autumn, beer, candles, cedar point, celebrity poker, chocolate, chuck palahniuk, classical music, cleanliness, clerks, coke, cold, compliments, conan o'brian, conservatism, cowboy bebop, crime and punishment, daggers, daydreams, days of our lives, decorating, detroit, detroit red wings, dodge vipers, dreaming, dresses, elves, ents, euchre, family guy, fanfiction, fight club, final fantasy, finding nemo, football, forests, futurama, gun fights, guns n roses, hanson, history, hockey, ice, inuyasha, jeff hardy, jennifer garner, johnny depp, jrr tolkien, kill bill, kmfdm, koalas, kraptastica, languages, led zeppelin, legolas greenleaf, lilacs, long hair, lord of the rings, macaroni and cheese, making out, marvin the martian, meatwad, medieval times, michael vartan, money, mountain dew, my room, mythology, napoleon dynamite, new zealand, non boob-to-boob hugs, office space, orlando bloom, pajamas, pillows, pirates of the caribbean, pistachios, pixar, pizza, pop, popcorn, presents, prince, psychology, rain, reading, real love, roller coasters, roses, sailor moon, saved by the bell, sex and the city, sigur rós, silver, sindarin, sleep, slurpees, snow, spiderman, spongebob squarepants, spontaneity, squall leonhart, star wars, swimming, swords, taylor hanson, teenage mutant ninja turtles, that 70s show, the legend of zelda, the matrix, the simpsons, thunderstorms, tool, trading spaces, trance, traveling, trigun, van halen, vash, video games, wayne's world, winter, wrestling, wuthering heights, x-men

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